Which latest technology is to be used in SEO ?

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Well, you’ve come to the right place.We have the SEO know how to optimize your website and get it on the first page of Google, and of the other major search engines, for your chosen keyword(s).You’ve probably noticed the Google Places results – the ones with the little red balloons next to them – that,If, for example, you do a search for “Santa Barbara coffee shop” on Google, this is what you’ll see at the top of the search results.“Places for coffee shop near Santa Barbara, CA.” And, below that phrase, the names of seven Santa Barbara coffee shops, website marketing listed from A to G.

The certain best practices that need to be followed for your business to be listed in those top seven Google Places spots. He said something that made a big impression on me: “Since I’ve gotten Microsoft Word and Excel on my iPhone, I’ve hardly even opened up my laptop.”So, basically, he can take care of virtually all his computing needs on his iPhone while his computer is just gathering dust.Anybody who finds your website by searching your company name is obviously already acquainted with you – having a website which can only be found by your company’s name is not the most effective means of expanding your customer base.As well as being optimized for keywords, your website will be optimized to turn prospective customers into actual customers.

Here’s an example of what’s possible with this kind of direct marketing. In July of 2010, an Ashley Furniture outlet sent out text messages and traditional e-mails to let customers know about a “secret sale” they were promoting.On the morning of the first day of a four-day event, they sent out 6,000 text messages and 28,700 e-mails.They made $138,460 over the four days, but what’s really interesting is that over 61% of their sales were from the customers who had gotten the text messages, even though they’d sent out over four times more e-mails.They are also excellent tools for monitoring what people are saying about your company, and about what’s going on in your market or field in general.

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