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Up until then it was only those who lived in the capital who were protected by the long-established London Building Acts from their neighbours schemes. But as more people choose to change their homes rather than move, the potential for disputes grows. One of the Acts key aims was to head off costly disagreement by encouraging friendly what to see in sydney consultation. In any project involving planning authorities and professionals such as a surveyor or architect, everyone will be made aware of their responsibilities.

But where a job is overseen or carried out by the owner there is a good chance they will be ignorant of the legislation. Horrific stories of houses cracking up, chimney stacks toppling, drains collapsing, holes appearing and so on should have become a thing of the past.Inevitably they havent, although the potential for disaster is radically reduced by the ability of both sides to appoint a surveyor to settle any differences.

By just how much is illustrated by the case of a woman who endured months of misery while a new storey was added to her block of flats. Philip Tobin, a chartered surveyor with Strettons, was advising two other owners in the block at the time. If the Act had been in place the developer wouldnt have been able to go about the scheme in the way he did. Since that time, surveyors like Guy Gibson of Hamptons International have seen a marked improvement in neighbourly cooperation, although he describes his role as acting for the building rather than an owner.

I have seen what happens when someone sets out to make a restricted-height basement habitable without the proper consultation. When it was done properly, it was designed to allow the adjoining owner to develop his cellar at a later stage if he so wished. In such a case, both owners would be likely to use the same surveyor.

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