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The cost in all probability being borne by the householder doing the work. However, either then or later, the neighbour would have to contribute to the cost of rebuilding the shared wall, because of the benefit to him. An architect who is designing an extension for a semi-detached house said his client had received a legitimate bill for £2,000 search engine marketing from the neighbour who had improved the party wall four years earlier when he himself had built an extension.Professionals, a major concern of clients is that the fees seem disproportionate to the amount of paperwork.

The trouble is some householders do not trust the surveyor working on the project and want their own. It is certainly a big problem if two surveyors cannot agree, which happens occasionally. The regulations are also designed so that an owner can undertake work without obstruction from an uncooperative adjoining owner, while ensuring the neighbour suffers minimum inconvenience, with the payment of compensation when appropriate.

But this does not always guarantee the simplest and cheapest route is followed. David McKenna, a builder, recalls an underpinning job which took months longer because neighbours did not want the work to be done from their driveway. The weakness is the beginning and end of a dispute which is not documented properly. It is up to the neighbour to take legal advice, should someone ignore the procedure, and many solicitors are reluctant to get involved.

An extension had built on a party wall, blocking out the light to a basement flat, so I tackled the guy working on it. which includes any excavation work taking place up to 6m away. A new kitchen or bathroom is a dream for many home owners. But what happens if youve raised the money and chosen your ideal design only to discover that it isnt completed on time or the workmanship is below standard?

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